Hanging out in Long Beach, CA

I decided to hang out for a bit in Long Beach, CA last month for memorial day weekend. I finally got around to posting some shots. There was a lot of people there but nothing too drastic. I really wanted to visit the aquarium but the line to go in was wrapped around the building and I didn’t want to wait. Maybe next time.


Colorful Store Fronts Long Beach800px
Colorful store fronts in downtown Long Beach

There are a lot of buildings in the older part of the city that look like they have been freshly painted. I like that they chose vibrant colors, it really interested me. These two buildings here are Mexican food restaurants. The blue one is a bar and the orange one sells tacos.

lighthouse memorial day weekend_full res_800px
Cute lighthouse in Long Beach, CA

I’m so glad I got a great shot of the light house. I am really loving my wide-angle lens. I brought out the vibrant colors to create more contrast and make the clouds look dreamy.

Underneath Long Beach Bridge_800px
The bridge heading to downtown Long Beach